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Discover the luxury and convenience of having high quality scuba gear delivered right to your home or boat

The days of investing thousands of dollars on scuba gear only to pay hundreds more each year to maintain it for the few times you actually use it is a thing of the past.

Jupiter Scuba offers only the best equipment and accessories to make your dive outing a complete success. Our top of the line regulators include dive computers, BCD’s are weight integrated and include a safety marker. Masks and snorkels come in a padded bag complete with defog. Boots and fins are all high quality and available in all sizes.

Scuba tanks are available with air or Nitrox, steel or aluminum and in multiple sizes. Imagine not having to lug tanks to and from the local shop only to have to return the next day to lug them home again. Let us do the heavy lifting.

With a team of licensed and insured PADI instructors, we also offer classes and guiding services.

Go ahead and see just how easy and convenient diving can be with just a few clicks

Air tanks $15
Nitrox Aluminum 80 cu ft $17.50
Nitrox Steel 80 or 100 cu ft $22
Weights $10
Regulator with computer $25
BCD $20
Wetsuit $20
GoPro Camera with housing, handle and memory card that you get to keep $39
Mask, Fins, Hoods, Gloves, Boots are also available.


Super soft and luxurious towels
Portable battery banks for charging your phone or GoPro.
Motion sickness prevention
Dive Socks (for full foot fins)
Divers Jacket. Stay warm and toasty with this oversized fleece lined windproof jacket that can be worn before, after and over your wet-suit as well as in between dives. We even include a pair of hand warmers during the winter for instant heat!
Need to purchase some dive gear or accessories? We are authorized dealer for XS-Scuba and can bring your order right to the boat. Please email us with the items that you would like and we will reply with a quote.


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