Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Jupiter Scuba is a completely different company. However, I do recommend Scuba Works if you need to purchase any equipment or go boat diving (not shark diving) in the Jupiter area. They are also who I recommend for group dive classes, refresher classes and equipment repairs. Jupiter Scuba only offers private classes.
Yes. You can book as many divers as there are in your group but you will be the one paying for everyone. Split payments can not be made.
Yes! Once you complete the entries for the first day choose the "keep shopping" button at the beginning of the check out. From there you can scroll to the delivery icon and book additional days.
Yes! Your gear will be delivered to the meeting point for the boat. After you analyze your tanks and check your gear it will be taken to the boat for you.
You will receive either a digital license or temporary card immediately upon completion all classes so you can start diving right away. Plastic PADI cards can take up to 2 weeks to process and arrive at your home.
According the the PADI dive tables, you must wait 18 to 24 hours AFTER diving before flying. If you are doing three dives I suggest waiting 24 hours or referring to your dive computer for instructions on flying after diving.
With the use of Digital Learning, the Open Water Class takes three days to complete. One day of pool work and exams followed by two days of Open Water diving (4 dives). Keep in mind the digital learning must be completed prior to starting the class and it takes 10 to 12 hours.
The minimum age to get your SCUBA license is 10. I advise that kids close to this age be strong swimmers and mature enough to study their training materials with minimal help.
Any class with a 10 or 11 year old in it is limited to a maximum ratio of 2 students to 1 instructor. When the child turns 15, you can convert their license from Jr. OW to Open Water. Divers aged 10 to 14 must dive with an adult certified diver at all times.
The beauty of private classes is the flexibility of the location of the classes. I can come to your home for the academic and pool classes (pool has to be at least 7 ft deep) or we can use one of the many city pools in the Jupiter area. I use the Blue Heron Bridge location for Open Water dives 1 and 2 which is a great location with calm conditions and wonderful marine life to enjoy as well. Open Water dives 3 and 4 can also be completed at Blue Heron Bridge or from a boat in Palm Beach or the keys.
You must have a SCUBA license in order to rent SCUBA equipment or go diving.
If you hold a PADI, SSI or NAUI Certification Card I can verify it through the internet. If you had another training agencies license you will have to contact them and ask to have a proof sent to you. I suggest you take a photo your certification card so that you always have access to it. It would help if you emailed me your complete name and date of birth along with what agency you were certified though so that I can verify your license in advance.  
If you would like to join a student getting certified on either the beach or ocean dives, you may do so as long it does not exceed the allowable supervision ratios. You will have to sign a waiver and pay any fees involved with the dives in this case. Also parents, it has been my experience that kids pay better attention and perform much better when they do not have a parent that is already certified with them in the water during the class. If you are taking the class as a family then that is great, otherwise let them succeed in their own class so you can start diving as a family once they are certified.
  • Concierge Gear Delivery reservations require 24 hours notice to cancel for a full refund. If the boat charter company cancels the trip prior to departure a full refund will be given.
  • Gear delivery for groups and private chaters require 7 days notice for a full refund unless the charter is rescheduled.
  • There are no refunds for unused gear.
  • All Scuba classes are non refundable once payment has been made. If the sea conditions force a day of the class to be cancelled, we will reschedule to the soonest day that fits both our schedules. It is an agency standard (PADI, SSI etc) that if one year lapses since the last training session (digital learning, pool, boat dive etc) then the class is no longer valid.  In this case the class will need to be restarted and paid for again.

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