Concierge Gear Delivery

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Concierge Gear Delivery

Jupiter Scuba offers Concierge Gear Delivery to Emerald Charters customers. With one simple reservation, your gear is delivered clean, sanitized and ready to dive. You will get to check your tanks and try on the gear for fit before being released and loaded onto the boat. Air and Nitrox tanks are available in multiple sizes and come with spare o-rings. Regulators include a dive computer and BCDs are weight integrated and come with a surface marker buoy.  Masks come in padded mask bags and defog is provided for free. And best of all, your gear is picked up once your are done with it-no cleaning required* and no trip back to the dive shop.

One certification card per set of gear is required. If you have lost your certification card, we can verify PADI, SSI and NAUI divers online.

*Gear returned with sand in it will be charged a cleaning fee.

Reserve your gear now

High quality dive gear delivered right to the boat.


  • Air tanks $15
  • Nitrox Aluminum 80 $17
  • Nitrox Steel 100 $22
  • Regulator with computer $25
  • BCD $20
  • Wetsuit $20
  • GoPro Camera with housing, handle, red filter and memory card $50
  • Mask, Fins, Hoods, Gloves, Boots are also available.
  • Don’t have your Nitrox Certification? No problem. For just $175 we will send you the online class and then we will meet at the boat check-in at 7:30am for the practical application session. The online class only takes 90 minutes and you will be certified to use Nitrox for life. The Nitrox class can be added to your concierge gear delivery reservation.